Create learning that emotionally connects and inspires a lasting transformation

We are a social impact agency with a deep understanding & unique experience in creating high quality behaviour changing content for online learning to deliver transformational learning.

"Through our collective actions the world can be a better place"

We help Non-profits & Foundations by developing online education and behaviour changing messages creating positive cultural transformation.

We help Purpose Driven Professionals by building authority and expertise through learning, increasing their audience reach and impact.

We help Social Businesses & Enterprises by developing powerful educational content to positively impact the lives of others.

We produce results with a clear strategy


Learning Strategy.

We start by understanding your desired outcome and offer our creative, collaborative, innovative, and strategic strengths to:

  • Determine your audience’s learning needs based on their lifestyle
  • Define effective solutions that fit their learning ability
  • Work on a strategy with the right communications plan to help your audience understand the context and need for change thereby enhancing their motivation.

We work with stakeholders, subject matter experts and business owners throughout the engagement

Custom eLearning.

We provide strategic services and customized solutions to support your project from start to finish by designing learning experiences based on the answers to

  • ‘What is the key objective for creating the learning?’
  • ‘What would your learners be expecting?’.

    Every learning experience we design is unique because of our approach to learning design, the depth of interactivity and the appropriateness of media design.

Mobile Learning.

Mobile learning solutions are one of our strengths. Whether its solutions that need to (also) be experienced on mobile devices, or short, bite-sized bursts of content that learners can view on their smartphones. We consider a multitude of aspects when proposing mobile learning—including resources, LMS support, infrastructure and the learning environment.

Videos & Animations.

Videos represent a multi-faceted medium to engage your learners and deliver focused messages. Videos, if done right, can do it all,

  • Communicating, summarizing and reinforcing key ideas
  • Provide performance support
  • Change behaviour and create collaboration


We can help you chunk your content into just-in-time learning making for a focused, self-directed learning experience. Micro-learning for us means

  • Identifying the right content—just the right amount of it
  • delivering it through short bursts with meaningful interactivity and
  • the most relevant visuals


We create quick bursts of learning and learning activities with short, bite-sized content for easy consumption that’s mobile-supported and sure to excite learners.

Learning Technology & Platform

We will help you evaluate the best platform, bridge the gap between usability and your unique requirements, delivering exceptional user experiences while providing the features and analytics you need.

  1. Learning Management Systems: We help you identify an agile and adaptable LMS to bring structure, automation, and analytics to online learning library.
  2. Build Collaborative Learning Environments: A smart, intelligent, next generation learning platform that is easy-to-use and provides an avenue for the collation of information.
  3. Create Custom Learning Applications: Developing custom-built learning software that helps to engage learners, increase visibility, and improve retention of behaviour changing messages.

Learner experience is at the heart of our solutions.

Service with purpose:​

The core of our service philosophy is to produce meaningful work that creates positive change in our world.​

Instructional Mindset:​

For us it’s all about the learner: learning by doing, discovery, telling stories, and providing perspectives. We align learning objectives with appropriate instructional tools for achieving with your desired outcome. ​​

We listen, consult, solve:​

Creative, and yet practical our solution architect team understands that every client has unique business drivers, learners, and constraints. We work hard to provide you with clear, concise project plans and proposals so you have a crystal-clear view of the path forward. We ask the questions you hadn’t thought of yet, and answer the ones you have.

Design for engagement:​

Good design means connecting with an audience to create an emotional response. We embark on a journey of collaboration with you, and solving your challenge is our common goal. Whatever the solution—games, simulations, infographics, avatars, and more—our visuals are designed to enhance your brand, engage your learners, and create a memorable learning experience.

You Dream it we can build it:

We offer high-end, innovative, custom eLearning development, built with pride by our talented team. We also excel at using (and enhancing) off-the-shelf tools, building solution you truly need, engaging your learners and leveraging what technology has to offer.

High on attention and partnership:​

Good design means connecting with an audience to create an emotional response. We embark on a journey of collaboration with you, and solving your challenge is our common goal. Whatever the solution—games, simulations, infographics, avatars, and more—our visuals are designed to enhance your brand, engage your learners, and create a memorable learning experience.

Artistic License Creative offers you
a personal marketing team dedicated to your content.

Nina Mistry

Elearning Expertise

Nina Mistry has created award-winning digital products, e-learning courses and interactive platforms in 6 countries for the last 2 decades.

“Nina is an unstoppable creative leader! She has a rare combination of business insight, real-world experience, and creative vision. On many occasions I’ve seen her lead her teams into territory where her peers have said, ‘It can’t be done,’ because of lack of time, people, or resources. But she’s not leading them into dangerous territory, she’s leading THROUGH to some major creative win on the other side. With a vision clearly in mind, she galvanizes her team, puts together a solid plan, and then sees it through to completion. From live events, to technology prototypes, to great interactive campaigns I’ve been very impressed with her results.”

– Lance Thornswood 
Vice President / Head of UXDesign at 
U.S. Bank

Sande Zeig

Social Content

Sande Zeig is an accomplished producer and director with over 35 years of experience in filmmaking, promotional films, videos and marketing. 

It’s rare that you come across someone as committed and as easy to work with as Sande. I have know her for over 20 years in several different careers, including as an independent film distributor, a producer, and a director. Most recently I co-produced with her the PBS documentary Apache 8, which was broadcast in hundreds of PBS stations. Sande belongs to a unique breed of multi-talented and kind individuals who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the arts. I have known her to work closely with artists, authors and other professionals to create outstanding work for them.

– Vicky Westover
Director UA Hanson FilmTV Institute

Firuzan Mistry


Firuzan Mistry has 20 years of experience building and marketing personal, consumer and corporate brands.

“I worked very closely with Firuzan, as our digital agency for Nescafe. She led the team that worked on creation & sustenance of all our digital assets. The one thing that makes her stand out is her passion and levels of ownership. She works as a partner for the brand, so much so that you could completely rely on her. Her expertise helped us rapidly scale and accelerate the engagement with consumers on the social platforms. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Vyom Prashant 
Consumer Marketing Head – Facebook